26 Communal Skills- We humans are essentially communal. We are born into a family, play in groups, learn in classes, compete on teams, join clubs, attend churches, participate in professional and work associations, pay taxes for the common good, and often initiate our own families. The following 26 specific skills help us enjoy, benefit from, contribute to and sometimes lead communal involvement. 

27 Interpersonal Skills - As this planet becomes smaller, we are continually forced to face each other and improve how we relate, lest we exterminate our race. Indeed, in any culture, such as a hospital,  the tone of the place consists of the sum of all of the interpersonal relationships intermingling there, intangibly coalesced to be far more than the sum of them. Improving your own interpersonal skills increases emotional connection, raises satisfaction scores and makes a contribution to the institution and your fields of practice.

25 Personal Skills The human spirit develops from a childhood place of being little when most other people are big. Virtually all people then strive uphill much of their lives towards eventually treasuring themselves. On the way we all incorporate some spiritual skills that assist us in this project. Many of us never arrive at that grand self-appreciation, at least in part because we never develop sufficient skills. The 26 described here promote remedial progress in augmenting our own human spirits.

22 Transcendence Skills - Profound events that immediately inspire awe into us force us to do "something" to cope and enjoy our own powerlessness against virtually everything. We simply cannot stand long in that radical realization of our smallness.  Spiritual geniuses like Moses, Jesus, Muhammad and Gautama Buddha lead people in establishing practices and beliefs to help in that relating to the magnificence of transcendence. Some of those are summarized in the 22 described here. 

100 Practical Skills for Bolstering the Human Spirit

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