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16 - Guilt/Regrets- Needing relief from guilt and regret from past decisions, actions, or neglect.

       Care: Listening, fostering disclosure of specifics of the regretful past, assuring unconditional                          transcendent acceptance

15 - Spiritual Counseling- Need to discuss spiritual questions or heal confusion and wounding                      by past religious or spiritual leaders 

       Care: Listen and provide perspective on the limitations of spiritual leadership, addressing                                     questions about transcendence.

14 - Instruction - Needing to learn moreabout spiritual issues and self-care modalities,

        Care: Offering brief teaching on medical ethics, advanced directives, meditation, chemical dependence,                      sacraments, devotions, etc. 

Axis Three: 5 Common Religion and Spiritual Practice Needs

12-Religious Support -Needing an experience of transcendence as    

                 positive and near. (e.g., through prayer or ritual)

       Care: personal prayer, calming ritual, sacramental symbol, reverent pace,
​                 and gentle assurance.

13 - Spiritual Validation-Needing to share unique ways one nurtures one's human spirit, often not related                     directly to traditional religions.
       Care:  listening, honoring and validating such beliefs as helpful in difficult times.