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Outcomes hoped for by the experienced chaplains in the health care system in which this needs format was developed, are listed beside each need

19 - Love Life Pain-Needing understanding and possible referral for hurtful behavior in an intimate relationship

17 - Ethics Confusion - Needing to better understand the complexities of the intensely difficult                                                        medical situation, with its options and limitations

18 - Addiction/Mental Health Concerns -Needing assessment for problem                                                 drinking/drug use or mental health care, regarding either initial diagnosis or relapse                               (Includes family coping, e.g., Al Anon)

20 - Advocacy -Needing to resolve feelings of being neglected -- not receiving appropriate care

21 - Family Conflict - Needing (yearning for) improved family cohesion, agreement or understanding

Axis Four: 5 Spiritual Needs that May Require Referral